Report on the
Press Conference

Justice for Jeremiah?”
Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2015 at 13.00 Berlin, Germany.


               The lawyers Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll held a Press Conference in their chambers on Tuesday 30th June to publicize the recent findings of the British Inquest into the death of a young student more than twelve years ago in Wiesbaden, Germany.  The UK  Court's  verdict  was said to be of importance in declaring the death was not suicide as initially pronounced by the German authorities. The view that Jeremiah's death was suicide has for many years provided justification for the failure of the Wiesbaden authorities to properly investigate this death.


The lawyers announced that a letter was to be sent  calling upon the Wiesbaden authorities to take up the investigations in a wider more far reaching manner and particularly looking at the dangerous recruiting practises and activities of the LaRouche cult.


               Hans Christian Stroebele, a Green Party member of the German Bundestag spoke out strongly supporting the Justice For Jeremiah Campaign and criticized the years of delay by the Wiesbaden authorities in the way they had failed to investigate this death. He compared this to the scandalous events that came out of the NSU trials. He expressed concern for the lack of any workable legal system to allow individuals to complain against state failure.


               Volker Beck, also a Green Party member of the German Bundestag has written to the Hessen Minister of Justice to demand an explanation – see


               Erica Duggan related how for 12 years she faced the impossible task of being a mother trying to investigate her son's death and quoted evidence of how the Wiesbaden State authorities have over the years misled the public, the British State and her lawyers in not revealing crucial facts.  She quoted from a Memo sent at the very last minute from the Wiesbaden Prosecutor to the British Coroner which alleged they have no information on the recruiting practises of the LaRouche network because they are they are not investigating it.


This clearly shows says Erica Duggan how the authorities disregard the verdict in 2012 from the Frankfurt Higher Court  (OLG) who ordered for a full investigation including possible collective harming.  Erica Duggan recounted how for 12 years a huge amount of evidence has been given to them of the anti-Semitic, anti-British conspiracy theories and dangerous recruiting practises of the LaRouche group. The fact they choose to ignore it and failed to admit they received it, shows State failure not only to investigate properly the killing of her son but also to uncover the threat to the public that still she maintains, exists.


Ursula Caberta spoke about the lack in the judicial system in failing to look at the collective harm of groups that incite hatred and act as closed communities endangering individuals and Society. In her many years of work as a Cult advisor she found that people are afraid to speak out or authorities to carry out their duties for fear  their safety will be threatened.


The meeting closed with a question from the Press concerning whether there was any links between the LaRouche network and the Special Forces. Dennis King's new publication ( was handed out giving suggestions to the Press of further lines of enquiry concerning this matter.


The first article in England was published by the Telegraph and can be seen at


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For more information contact: Serdar Kaya: 0049 30 62729662

Also contact Erica Duggan:


Dennis King:
LaRouche expert presents media guide for investigating the Jeremiah Duggan case:
Anatomy of a Cover-Up


On the 27th March 2003 in the early hours of the morning Jeremiah Joseph Duggan, who had been attending a conference run by a far-right wing organization, was staying with a friend in Wiesbaden with a family. Having spoken to his girlfriend and mother in alarming terms Mr Duggan having asked to leave the house for a cigarette accompanied by the friend suddenly ran from the house. The friend who was with him did not follow him.
At about 6 am the same Jeremiah Joseph Duggan received fatal injuries following a collision with 2 cars on the on the Berliner Strasse and died in a road traffic collision.
The fact that he attended a conference run by this far-right wing organization and the method that the organization used to recruit young persons at that time against the background of the start of the Iraq war together with Mr Duggan expressing that he was a Jew, British and questioning the material put before him may have had a bearing on Mr Duggan’s’ death in the sense that it may have put Mr Duggan at risk from members of the organization and caused Mr Duggan to become distressed and seek to leave.
There are a number of unexplained injuries that suggest that Mr Duggan may have been involved in an altercation at some stage before his death.

STATEMENT POF THE FAMILY after the verdict:

On behalf of the family of JD, we wish to express our gratitude to the Coroner for his signficant findings, namely that :

1) Before his death, Jerry was present at a conference run by a far right wing organisation
2) that the fact that he revleaed that he was jewish, british, and questionned the anti-British and anti-Semitic ideology may have been a factor in his death and put him at risk from those in the organisation; and
3) that he became distressed and sought to leave the conference;
4) that he sustained injuries in a possible altercation prior to his death.

we are disappointed that in teh face of 6 seperate British and European independent experts covering the fields of pathology and forensic analysis, the Coroner preferred the disputed evidence relied upon by the German authorities.

the pressure should now be put upon the German authorities to ensure this powerful and dramatic narrative verdict leads to deeper investigation in the country where Jeremiah was killed, including the role played  of the la Rouche organisation.

we hope Jeremiah's legacy will be that the strong message that such extremist organisations exist which target univeristy students for recruitment  has been heard so that the dangers they pose can be avoided.

I'd like to express my thanks for my legal team, Merry Varney  Anthony Metzer QC, and Aron Rollin, and my family and friends who have supported me throughout.


Press Release 13th May 2015


Mentions in the Media on 19 May 2015 are recorded [ here ]




Date: 19th, 20th and 21st MAY 2015

Place: HMS.Coroners Court
           29 Wood Street
           Barnet EN5 4BE

                          Location - click here for the map
                          Time:  9.30/10 am - 4 pm.

The three day inquest into the death of a British student whose body was found on a German road in March 2003 will begin on the 19th May 2015. Shortly before his death his mother Erica Duggan received a phone call from her son in which he told her that he wished to be rescued from danger and named the organisation from which he wished to flee. 

The German police decided on the spot that as it was suicide they did not have to investigate.
For the last twelve years the family have tried to uncover the truth and in December 2012 a German Higher Court gave a verdict that the Wiesbaden authorities were mistaken in not doing a proper investigation and asked that the case be opened as a matter of urgency and an independent and far reaching investigation begin.  

Despite legal complaints the German Prosecution authorities called back the same police detective who the German Court had accused of not doing  his duties in 2003. After three years of trying to get a proper investigation which the family were promised, despite numerous legal attempts to get Justice, it has been decided that the second British Inquest will now go ahead.

When the body arrived in the UK there was no cause of death and that meant a British post mortem had to be carried out.

“ I met the pathologist who carried out the post- mortem in Britain and he told me that my son was beaten to death. I have also been informed by many families and experts that the organisation that had entrapped my son was an extremist political group, operating worldwide with headquarters in Wiesbaden and that it uses destructive psychological methods to recruit its members.  .  The German authorities have had three years to investigate. They have refused to take my statement or to respond fully to the verdict of the Higher Court. Now it is time for HMS Coroner to gather up whatever facts can in difficult circumstances - across three countries - be gathered and help us to find out what happened to Jeremiah.”

Many friends of Jeremiah, family and supporters hope that at the Inquest next week, after twelve years of struggling with institutional legal barriers the Inquest process will uncover what really has been going on. 

 Important witnesses and experts from France and Germany will be asked to come forward.  A forensic photographer who has examined the 79 photographs taken of the scene on the road will be consulted. 
“As long as the people last with our son are silent and German authorities delay and do not follow up key questions we go round in circles. It is enough and I am hopeful that HMS Coroner will attempt to throw some light on the cause and circumstances of the death.” Hugo Duggan.

For more information go to Leigh Day Press Release at 






Has there been Justice for Jeremiah?” 
Friday 22nd May, 2015
57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
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